Kankakee County is easy to find, but hard to leave. Kankakee County is a great area for professionals, history buffs, families, anglers and sports enthusiasts.

Kankakee County is located just 50 miles south of Chicago, off of Interstate 57. Routes 45/52, 50 and 17 also run through the County. O'Hare International Airport is 75 miles north of Kankakee County, and Midway Airport is 50 miles north. The Greater Kankakee airport is also available for personal aircraft landing space.

The Kankakee County is known for the splendor and tranquil beauty of the Historic Kankakee River. Winding its way through Kankakee County, it passes through many of our small and large communities.

One will never run out of things to do in Kankakee County. Area park districts offer programs and events available to people of all ages and interests. The County has over sixty outdoor public parks with a wide range of activities available for families. Perry Farm Park offers 170 acres of dynamic recreation including natural prairie trails, woods, canyons and Indian Caves for a wonderful day outdoors.

The Kankakee River State Park encompasses both sides of the Kankakee River for 11 miles and consists of approximately 4,000 acres. The park offers you its proud heritage in an unspoiled setting. Anglers, canoeists, hunters, campers, hikers, bicyclers and other outdoor enthusiasts find the park’s recreational opportunities unsurpassed.

The area also offers Oak Orthopedic Sports Arena, an indoor ice rink and nine golf clubs provide hours of relaxation and distraction for golfers of all levels.